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Maureen Wellner has a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Video from Temple University, and her first career as a motion picture photographer and documentary filmmaker is evident in her still photography.

Much of her work seems to be still in motion, especially her photographs of children which strive to preserve their constantly changing beauty and infinite moods. She comes to photography with a particular interest in capturing the essence of the everyday and the beauty of the ordinary.

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The idea for creating photographic furniture came about through her desire to make a table to combine with two painted chairs. The furniture offers Wellner the opportunity to translate her images into useful and beautiful everyday objects.


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  • International Center for Photography
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Institute of Contemporary Art
  • Houston International Film Festival
  • New York Center for Urban Folklore
  • Feminist Reading Group at Harvard Law School
  • Primavera Women's Film Festival
  • Artist's Television Access Gallery
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As a filmmaker, I always viewed myself as more of a craftsman than an artist because I was most interested in the nuts and bolts of capturing light and images on film, but also in social issue documentary film - film with a purpose, with a job to do. My multi-media works continue to express point of view, but my furniture allows me to indulge the image-maker in me. For this reason, I love the term ‘artisan’ - it expresses that unique ability to translate art into useful, practical objects. The satisfaction of sitting down to a table that is beautiful is in stopping to appreciate the loveliness of the moment.”

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